Friday, March 30, 2007

Information Received

Finally, Judy from Gladney called and e-mailed me today to let me know that she received our Information Sheet. She is so kind, and patient. I’m sure that she gets tons of people like us who just can’t wait until they get their hands on their beautiful Ethiopian babies. Any way we will be having a phone conference on the 11th of April, to go over the adoption process. We are so happy, imagine how we’ll be when we actually get our baby!
On another front, Fernando is finishing his portion of the Home Study application process. We should be ready to send that off by Monday, and considering that Heartsent is in Pasadena, we shouldn’t have to wait too long before they start their process.
Also, Cindy is doing me the great favor of going to the “registro civil” in Mexico City to get official copies of my birth certificate. I’m getting about 5 copies (just in case). I’m very grateful to her because I contacted the Mexican Consulate and they said that they could not process my request. It needed to be done in Mexico…what is a consulate for, if not to help you with official business?

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tara said...

i found your blog through Amy and Josh Bottomlys blog...a round about sort of way! We just had our phone interview with judy on thursday- she was so helpful and answered alot of questions we had. Hope yours goes well! In the next few days we should be setting up a blog site (other than my regular one) for our whole adotpion process- we would love to hear from you there!