Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Getting Personal

So some of my friends have categorized me as a blogging bore. They say that my paranoid obsession with not revealing anything about my self is freakish. Although they like the pictures I post, they want more personal pictures, so here it is; my first attempt at personal blogging.

While Marina and I were in Barcelona and Fernando was teaching, my father continued the paper odyssey. He nearly finished it and when we arrived, all I had to do was send the rest of our dossier to Gladney.

The following are some of our Barcelona adventures.

This was our first official meal, and it was absolutely amazing. Luli prepared it, and every one enjoyed it. I know what you are going to say, these are not personal pictures, but they are. And plus I don't know if the people in my pictures want themselves in the pictures.

Here is a picture of the products in La Boqueria in Barcelona. Just look at those mushrooms; a gnome could live in each one!


Anonymous said...

i am so proud of you!! i love to see pictures of the beautiful foods of barcelona. Maybe you can protect people in your pictures by putting a big black stripe across their eyes?
;) monica

Drew Carey Show said...

You're so funny! I totally understand your need for privacy, but it's kind of fun being "out"! So Drew and I are officially entering our 12th week of waiting... It's been 11 weeks and one day. I sent an email to Mary, but she's on vaca until 9/11, so maybe next week? I hope so!!! Can't wait to get together again soon... XO Carey

Drew Carey Show said...

I just realized that sounds so cryptic -- "need for privacy." For all you blog stalkers out there, I just meant not being public about one's personal life =) This is not a celebrity blog!