Sunday, September 28, 2008

May 7th??

(Monica here... rogue blogger)
I am not sure if anyone out there in blogland checks dear Samantha's blog anymore. She is a bad blogger (I have told her so) I read adoption blogs as she started blogging. My favorite time to read is the travel.. and return home. My darling friend dropped off just when I would have been the most interested. Fortunate for me, I talk to her often and see her, Fernando, and her kiddos ... so I knew/know what was going on. For the rest of you.. who may only know her only in Blogland... here is a little glimpse into the goings on with Samantha, Fernando, Marina, and Celeste... They are a beautiful and happy little family. Enjoy!

a glorious day at the beach... for little Zoe's birthday


a summer Monday in the village. Coffee and water play. perfection

blog union. oh yes, they were there. (and me too)

i love this picture!

Our lovely Fair tradition (the kids were less than pleased with the petting zoo. Marina looks forward to this. She talked about it constantly, but she did not love the goats. neither did Celeste. sisters)

Hope if there is anyone out there... this made you smile.
;) Monica

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Kayce said...

It's great to see a post! ;) Hey Samantha...Kayce here from CHS! Your girls are beautiful! Hope all is well.