Friday, December 26, 2008

Today is San Esteban

Today is San Esteban! In Barcelona they celebrate this day almost as elaborately as Christmas. So as we were gathered around the table (not in Barcelona), and Fernando said to Celeste: " This is your first San Esteban with us." This very simple phrase, made me so sentimental that Marina and I began to look back at this little blog. I know I am not very consistent in updating this little online journal, and I make no excuse about it. It just seems that I am not good at managing my time. I am at work 45 hours a week and then I rush to begin my true daily life (when you read the following, think of Cinderella's step mother when the old hag is giving her the list of things she must do around the house): taking Marina to swim practice-daily! Cello lessons at home-once a week. Waldorf sewing circle-weekly, Making dinner-nightly. Writing reports at home-nightly. Baths, stories, diapers and more-every night. This all does not include the amount of mediating I do and all the hugs and kisses and cuddles that rejuvenate me in order to keep going. By the time I find a little time to write this I am in bed trying to read something that will keep me in the literary loop, or fast asleep.

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