Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here is the first or our bags

Pay not attention to the mess in our garage. It is an ongoing project that never ends. Any way, a dear colleague of mine donated 7 boxes of kids clothes, so this is where all those clothes are now. I guess I'll put the rest of the humanitarian aide elsewhere. This weekend I need to start taking the malaria medication. I am still debating weather or not this is truly necessary, but my brother keeps insisting that we should.


Natalie Fournet said...

Best wishes with your final exciting!

Ted and Lori said...

Taking the malaria medication is only necessary if you plan on leaving Addis at any point. There are no mosquitos at such a high elevation.

Paulette said...

I never had you figured for a blogger; but I enjoyed reading it. When do you have time to write it?

Congratulations on your new daughter. She looks adorable.
Sandy has a little something for you from me.
Safe and happy travels!