Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Something in Common

We finally received the report on Fenit’s biological family. I am happy to report that our little “beauty queen” (soon to be re-labeled “smart, talented imaginative, creative youngest princess”) has two mothers that like to play in the kitchen. That makes me very happy.
On another front, I’ve been packing up a storm. We purchased an army duffel bag at our local Army Navy store. The bag was only about $25 and is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. I know I’ll not be able to lift it, but who needs to lift when you can drag. I take a picture of it once it is all filled up.
I will be meeting my brother in NY and we will travel together to Ethiopia. For all of those soon to be parents out there, please know that I will be happy to take pictures or any little keepsake you want to send to your little loves, just e-mail me and we will make arrangements.
The work of art posted is one of Marina’s homage to her fish, Chiquitina. She was a female Beta that who died while Marina was in Barcelona with her father. Here she is waiting for Marina to feed her. The other picture is the real place where Chiquitina used to reside.
Oh! I almost forgot, we had been told that Fenit’s birthday was the 4th of July, 2007. It turns out that it is actually the 31st of May 2007. Regardless of her birthday, she will not begin school until she has turned 6 years old so that means she will be more developmentally ready for the rigors of social and academic life.

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Anonymous said...

poor chiquitina.
- monica
p.s. i was conceived on the 4th of july... so let's party this year!!
love, monica