Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Maggie is awesome!

Today we met with Maggie (from Heartsent) for our first of three formal home study visits. Maggie is awesome! She made us feel very comfortable. It is evident that she knows what she's doing. When our visit was over both Fernando and I felt like we'd had a great time, conversing with a friend. She never really asked us questions, but led the conversation in the direction she needed. WOW! We spent about an hour and made our appointment for the next visit (at our home).
I am so tired today. I told Fernando that I was going to write this and then head off to bed. He was watching some the game between the Golden State and the Dallas (I have no idea about this stuff), and he switch the channel to, of all things, American Idol. Those of you who know me, know how much I dislike this show. I am embarrassed by it and the fact that so many more people vote for American Idol, than for actual political officials who will affect our lives directly. Now that that is out of the way, the point is that right then the announcer introduced a clip from a singer (a previous winner) who visits orphans in Africa...can you believe that I was crying. I was moved. Especially after the next segment when one of the judges visits some families. I think it's also because I've been reading There is no me without you. And because we are feeling it so close to our home and our hearts. Seeing the little faces of the beautiful African children makes me think that I'm going to want to take them all home when we get to go pick up our little baby girl. Like I promised, I'm off to bed before I fall over from sheer exhaustion and tears.

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