Monday, April 9, 2007

On my birthday

Well, today is my birthday and I am happy to report that I have been receiving just what I wanted. Today, Marina and I did the following:
  • Went to get coffee and a little something to nibble at, and read Peter Rabbit.
  • Went to PCC to get fingerprinted (only me)
  • Went to the local library to get a book for Marina
  • Went to the bank to get our account verification
  • Went to Heartsent to drop off sooooo much
  • Went to play with Marina's preschool friends

Now Marina is taking a well deserved nap and I am looking over the ever lasting list of things that I must accomplish...not to mention the beds I should be making and the stuff I should be picking up...more later.

Now it's later. Well, I couldn't stop, so I put together the I-600A and FedExed it. It is now in SunValley, CA (wherever that is). By the time I tried going back to Heartsent (to give them a copy of the I-600A), they had closed...I'll go again tomorrow! (I hope they don't grow sick of me...maybe I'll take them a snack, that always makes people glad to see you).

We went by Borders and picked up The Complete Book of International Adoption. Now I'm off to tuck Marina into bed, read her a couple stories, kiss her good night and think abut the baby who will soon share the excitement of the mundane of our loving home.

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