Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yesterday I spent a very long time scanning about 40 dossier documents. It took so long, and the scanner was so slow. Now I only have a few left to scan, and I will do that as they come in. My summer break begins on Monday, so I will be able to dedicate much more time to the paper gathering. I will call Mexico to see if my birth certificate has been processed...we can only hope, and get the bulk of our documents to the county clerk's office and to the secretary of state. We also have to figure out the NY and TX authentication process. I have come to terms with the fact that our dossier will not make it to Ethiopia before July first, now I'm only hoping that I can send it off to Mary before we leave on vacation. (by the way, I just spelled checked and was surprised to find that "no misspellings found.")


Ted and Lori said...

Oh, heck no, we're not authenticating nada: Kate from KBS is doing all that when we send her our stuff. With the amount of beaurocracy we've had to deal with already, getting our dossier together on our own felt like overload.
Looks like you guys are in about the same stage we're in. It's always interesting to try to figure out who we might be traveling with--could be you!

Amanda said...

Just wanted to let you know I caught up on my Samantha Blog Watch this evening. Things are coming along nicely with you and your "dossier". Congratulations, she will be here before you know it!