Friday, June 1, 2007

Our Doctor

You know how in the past I said I love Kaiser? The Statement still holds true, with some minor exceptions. When Fernando and I first joined Kaiser, our doctor was fantastic. He has now moved on to the Sunset office, where he has gone up in rank and responsibility. We love him, and hope that he is enjoying his new position. Our new doctor has very big shoes to fill. She is quick, impatient, somewhat impersonal and very curt. During my physical, she was very vocal about how I should have come earlier so that she could have looked over all the paperwork from the different agencies (never mind that I told the appointment center and the intake nurse why I needed the physical and they didn't seem to think I needed to be told to come earlier). Anyway, then she redeemed herself by ordering Fernando's labs (to save time) and telling me we could just arrange to meet at lunch with the notary so that I didn't have to make an appointment. This week, I e-mailed her (through the Kaiser on line message exchange) and left a message with the nurse, just to remind her about our adoption needs. this is how she answered our e-mail: "Hello, Please excuse the delay. I was out sick yesterday. You can come in on any day next week at 12:30 in the afternoon to get the paperwork signed. Please let me know which day you are coming in so I can tell the nurses to look for you. P.S- you don't have to call AND email, I just wasn't in the office to take care of your message. In the future, please make sure to give me time to respond to your messages.Take care." Wow, great bedside manners. I will be meeting her on Monday (with the notary).
Anyway, on another subject I sent our our FBI request, and should be hearing back from them in about a week. I called them just to make sure my request was correct. The woman who helped me asked me to call them three days after our FedEx was delivered to them.


Gabriela said...

Your baby will be very lucky to come into such a loving family. It will be so special for her to read this in the future and know all that you went through to adopt her!

leisa said...

Hi Samantha
Thanks for listing my blog in your sidebar. I will visit again. All the best with the completion of your application.

Anonymous said...
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-Samantha- said...

I'm sorry that I had to delete the nice comment that was left here, however, I would prefer that personal information, such as our last name, is not shared in this open forum. Thanks for your understanding.