Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...or like her

I took the day off from work today so that I could do some important running around. After I picked up the final draft of our home study I went home to make some lunch for Marina and me. In the mail box I found an envelope from CIS...I got excited, but managed to make lunch before opening it. I was quite disappointed to discover that it was only a letter stating that they needed another proof of my citizenship because my passport (of which they had a copy) expired while they were processing our petition. I now have a new passport, so I'm sending them a new copy via overnight FedEx, because I think that is the last thing they are waiting for before we get approved. There is very little more for us to get done, so we hope we can actually send our dossier off to Mary before our self imposed July 1st deadline. Now I'm off to make copies and look into scanning paperwork.


Chris said...

I am sure that your "daughter", how nice that sounds!, will be beautiful...she will be a reflection of your heart!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! We are so excited. I have actually read your entire blog before I even posted mine :) I have been "blog lurking" people who are adopting from Ethiopia. Can't wait to see your baby! I hope the process goes quickly for you guys!