Monday, June 4, 2007

E-mail can yield disastous results

Today I went to Kaiser and everything went great. I had arranged it with the notary to meet me 5 minutes early (just to make sure we were on time) because I didn't want to upset our MD. She was SO fantastic, and patient, and efficient and took her time...quite the turn around from my last entry. I think that e-mail is incredibly difficult to read. One person's "emphases" CAPS is an other's SHOUTING, which makes me believe that it really depends on how a person reads this blog whether they get us or not...for all I know we come off incredibly foolish. One of my friends seemed quite appalled when I told her I was writing an on line journal. She said, "I don't know, what makes you think any one wants to read your journal" (she said it in a tone of self reproach). Because I know her, her voice inflections, the look in her eyes, I know this was more about her and the way she always seems to minimize her fabulousness, and less about her thinking I was the most self-important person she could imagine. Fortunately our exchange happened in person!
On another note, I turned the last bit of paperwork to Heartsent; the notarized physicals for both of us, and a color photocopy of Fernando's passport, not to mention the post placement fee. This means that Maggie has all the information she needs to finish her write up and send it to CIS. Now I only need to wait for my birth certificate and get other little things notarized and authenticated for our dossier. I really hope all is done by my July 1st deadline.

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