Thursday, May 31, 2007

Against a Deadline

I was reading Mary's message on the Gladney's newsletter and suddenly I became somewhat panicked about getting all our paperwork into the Ethiopian government by July 1st. This date is important if we want to get a referral and a court date before the rainy season in Addis Ababa. Apparently the court systems shut down for the months of August and September. If we do not make the deadline, we could still receive a child referral, but our babe would have to wait until October before her court date to finalize our adoption. So today was crazy. Fernando got his FBI fingerprints done in the morning and I went after work. I got our FBI packet together including the money orders and I FedExing it tomorrow. I hope it gets processed quickly! Tomorrow I hope to tie up our medical paperwork, and the copies of our passports. Then we'll only have my birth certificate, reference letters and home study write up to wait for...but those are all out of my control.

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