Thursday, January 24, 2008

Court date; Check!

A pot-luck was scheduled today in my office. I remembered to bring my enchiladas, tablecloth, sponge to wash the dishes and a serving spoon. I forgot my laptop and I almost forgot my mobile phone. As I went back to get my cell phone I thought to my self; "really it doesn't matter if I forget the phone because no one will call me today." I stuck it in my pocket and forgot about it. While I was in my office using the "common" computer, little celestial chimes sounded off in my red coat pocket. I pulled out the phone without much thought, opened it and saw the code word "unknown" on the minuscule screen. I thought "we're one step closer." Then I answered "this is Samantha" just in case it was work related...and it wasn't. Instead I heard Mary T's lovely voice. She said our court date has been set for February 19th. I wanted to get excited but then I came down to earth thinking about the possible delays and what-nots. This process is so high-and-low, up-and-down. I am so happy that we are so close to becoming parents again, frustrated it's not happening sooner, afraid the court session will go awry, and fliustered about getting all our preparations done.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooooooooooo happy for you....a step closer! The time will fly by and soon you will be flying to pick up your bebe. BTW...Your enchiladas were delicious, yummy! Maybe you should post a pic and recipe...they are not as beautiful as your girls but until we can see pics again they will have to do :)~chris

The Breedlove family said...

Oh, Samantha...yea!!!! Finally a date. But, I am sorry that it is so far away. That is hard!! I am really glad that you finally heard something though...I have thought of you daily. We will be hoping right along with you that the first time in court will be the only time! It was good to talk to you on the phone the other day. I will call you when we return so that I can tell you about your little Celeste Fenit in person.


the albertsons said...

yay for a court date! Let's just hope and pray really hard that, since it's in a few weeks, everything will be perfectly in order and you'll pass through court with no problem.

Jim and Debbie said...

We have the same court date! It's hard to get too excited yet, but great to know we're finally making some progress in bringing our little ones home. If all goes well we'll probably travel together.
Best wishes,

Natalie Fournet said...

Glad you have a date! Hope it goes smoothly and you get to travel soon! Natalie

Anonymous said...

Hi there - just found your blog.

We are on VERY similar timetables!! I got my referral on Christmas day, and my court date is just after yours - Feb 22nd.

So excited to follow along with your journey too!

Drew Carey Show said...

Ah, I know the anxiety well. I hope the next couple of weeks fly by and that you'll be on that plane for Addis in no time! In the meantime, I hope you find comfort in the knowledge that the kids are so well cared for at the Gladney house. But I know there's no place like home, and there's little that will put you at ease until Felicity finds here way there... So we'll pray for a successful court date on the 19th and travel soon after! Okay, and we've got to finally schedule a get together... Hang in there!

Kristy -Mom to 4 and soon to be more! said...

not much longer!
Hang in there!Blessings,

Miranda said...

Hey, I have a pic or two of your little one, would you mind emailing me so I have your email address and can send it? Thanks :o)

DrewCareyShow said...

Hi Samantha,
I was just thinking about you guys... and one week to go until that court date. wow, what a LONG journey. I'm keeping everything crossed that first time is a charm for you. We need to get that beauty home!

Keva said...

Thanks for your comments. After looking over your timeline, I noticed we have similar timelines. I hope your court date is successful the first go round.

The Roberts Family said...

PRAYING!!!, that all goes well the first time! Blessings~ Shelly