Monday, May 14, 2007

About a week or two ago, I went to the human resources department at work and asked Sharron if she could write me the letter of employment necessary for our dossier, I told her we would have to go to the AAA together to get the letter notarized and she informed me that Peggy was a notary public; so there was no need to go to AAA. She had the letter ready in no time and Peggy gave me 3 notarized copies immediately. They were both fantastic and seemed to be very excited about being able to help out in this most important project.
On Friday, I called the human resources department in Fernando's work and the experience couldn't have been more opposite. I first spoke to one lady, she informed me that I needed to speak with the person in charge of writing those letters. When I spoke with her she wanted me to give her the name and address of the people who wanted the letter so that she could send them the letter...she never expressed any excitement of the prospect of our adoption. I explained to her that the letters would be sent to the adoption agencies and to the Ethiopian government. She still couldn't help me. Then she said that Fernando had to make the request in writing. So I sent her an e-mail from Fernando's account and didn't hear back from her (arrrrggg! as I write this I just remembered that I didn't specify that we needed 3 originals notarized and one plain for our records). Any way, I called her today, and she said that they don't have a notary on site-she's out on maternity leave, and that she would have to speak to her supervisor (who so happens to be the same woman I originally spoke with). I told her to leave her a message on my behalf, and that I would like to speak with the supervisor to explain to her the urgency of the matter--I never heard back!

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Swerl said...

Ah, bureacracy. Don't you love it?? Sorry you are getting the runaround. We are keeping our fingers crossed that all the paperwork comes together quickly for you guys!!