Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Travel Books

Yesterday we went to a travel store and bought a book on Ethiopia. I know it's wishful thinking, especially because we aren't even done collecting all our paperwork, but it is better to prepare than to be scrambling to the end. Anyway, Marina is so funny because she asks me to read from the travel book and gets excited about all the things my brother and I will be seeing in Ethiopia. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I asked by brother to come with me to pick up our baby. Marina will most likely be in school and needs stability and continuity while we take her through the journey of big sisterhood. Oh! we finally got Fernando's employment letter, and this time, the notary got it right. I also contacted the traveling notary and I will be making arrangements with our MD to get the papers from our physicals signed and sealed.

I spoke with Heartsent today, and they said that our home study would most likely be dome by mid June (optimistically). I guess we're OK with that considering we still have to finish gathering everything.

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