Saturday, May 26, 2007

To My Bosom Friend

From the first time I posted on this blog, I made a commitment not to post anything about our personal life that did not pertain to our adoption journey. This is because I believe that the primary role of this, on-line journal, is to help others who are either beginning this road or are in the midst of this vast ocean. However, yesterday I was talking with one of my very dearest friends and realised how absorbed I've been with this quest for our little baby. My lovely friend is so giving, and patient, and loving, and kind, and everything else you can think of. She is one of the loves of my life. She makes me laugh, and think, and inquire, and self examine, and knowing her has made me a better person. She always sees the good side of people. I say all of this because for the past two months she has read our blog, heard my adoption obsession and asked about how our journey was coming along, and gave encouragement and words of wisdom. Last night, while we were on the phone talking about each other's plans for the long week end and long summer vacations she said; "I wish you could come with us to Hawaii." So I said, "you know Hawaii has never been my number one destination." She finally said that she wished we could go because she and her long time boy are GETTING MARRIED. I am so happy for them. They love each other for ever already. Today I am only posting to say: congratulations, my little friend. I love you.


Anonymous said...

you made me cry little friend! I love you too.

Maria said...

If you do travel to Hawaii and happen to be on Maui let me know. We can meet up, share stories of our adoption journey and you can meet Tsebay.

Aloha and congratulations to your friend.