Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I have decided to feature works from Ethiopian artists as openers to my little adoption trials and tribulations. I hope every one enjoys them. I haven't written in some time, but it seems that the few things that our Gladney file is still missing are beyond our control. We are only missing our notarized health checks, 2 of our reference letters, and our home study report. Oh and, how could I overlook this, my birth certificate. I hope I get that in the mail soon!
Today I was happy to see that both the Fulkners and Bottomlys met their boys. Wow, I can't even believe how fantastic it is to be able to share their experience! When I see them and their new babies, it is quite reassuring that this is an inevitable journey for our family... how could we not adopt? I was reading the Swerl Blog and it seems that they are going through a bad patch. I urge them to see the latest posts from the people I just mentioned...they will find themselves sure again.

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