Thursday, May 3, 2007


Just a quick note to inform everyone how much I LOVE Kaiser. Now, I know there is a great deal of skepticism about this HMO, but for me, it has been the greatest. Throughout my pregnancy I received amazing care, and labor and delivery was fabulous. The level of care is unmatched. Today I went to my physical. I brought all my forms (Heartsent, Gladney and Dossier). I was called in immediately, my doctor thought all that was asked for was over the top, but didn't question anything. She also said I could e-mail her once my labs were in so that we could coordinate a time for the notary to come to her office (she said I don't need to make a formal appointment). Well, then she ordered ALL my labs and I was on my way. As of 10 minutes ago I have received 2 emails from Kaiser with 4 of my lab results!

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Brian (dad to 3) said...

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